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  • Using Network Marketing Approaches & Tools to Market My Music Business

  • 2011-05-01

  • So many musicians of today are after “the gig” and are neglecting what they truly are supposed to be doing. When you have your own original music that you’d like to get out to the people, it’s going to take focused attention on your endeavors in order to execute your ideas.


    Marketing music on the Internet is something that requires one to spend some time cultivating relationships with people via the various social networks, forums, and through the use of social media. I’ve spent some time studying how to promote your music online. You definitely have to have a website and use YouTube as an outlet to post your videos of your music and popular songs.


    I’ve gathered ideas from Internet marketers and have transfered those ideas to my music marketing strategies. I have a Jazz membership site where musicians can learn jazz improvisation, music marketing, technology training, and generate monthly income through the two tier affiliate program. The site is called JazzWebShed. I call it, the online shed for jazz musicians. I have tons of audio/video podcasts of jazz theory, jazz improvisation, jazz licks, jazz saxophone lessons, jazz piano lessons, bass lessons, jazz guitar lessons, recorded teleconference calls on marketing, weekly webinars, and much more.


    In my pursuits to spread the word about JazzWebShed I recently found a marketing system that is really great for struggling network marketers. It’s a way to automate the process of getting people exposed to your business. I use it for my auto-responder emails, contact management system, and internet marketing training. It is an excellent tool and resource. There are training videos on Internet Marketing for Newbies, Forum Domination, Ad Power, Pay Per Click Advertising, Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Article Marketing and Social Media Strategies.


    I was attracted to the fact of being able to duplicate the marketing process for my members of JazzWebShed. Most people don’t have the knowledge of how to market themselves and their business online and don't have the time to put in the work. This system is ideal for marketing duplication for people who have a network marketing business or some other form of membership site.


    You get great training videos on How to Attract Targeted Traffic to Your Website for Free. The training and the tools again, like I said before are great. So if you are interested in learning this stuff and generating income in on the side of you main business in addition to your current income, I highly recommend this system.


    A network marketer, business owner, or any home based business person, needs an all-in-one system for internet marketing that includes a great contact management system, and auto-responder messages for their prospects. 


    Sign up at http://solutionformarketing.com. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and help you as a musician or a business marketer.


    Much Success to you,


    Quamon Fowler




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