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  • What Is Network Marketing? How To Get Network Marketing Leads For Your Network Marketing Company!

  • 2013-02-27




    What Is Network Marketing? How To Get Network Marketing Leads For Your Network Marketing Company!


    What Is Network Marketing!

    What Is Network Marketing!


    Network marketing companies have always been controversial. Network marketing is my chosen profession and that’s why I’d like to answer the question: “What is network marketing?”  I’m also going to explain what network marketing is and what the companies and you have to do with  each other.


    Network marketing is simply word of mouth marketing and we all do it! We’ve all recommended movies, restaurants, stores, vacations and more to friends, family and others. These types of places have all made money from our word of mouth recommendations. Did you know that your recommendations can be worth thousands of dollars and perhaps millions over time.


    People are learning that if they put forth the same effort they do everyday at work into the right network marketing company then it’s possible to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous with out being chased by the paparazzi.


    Multi-level Marketing Definition?


    Multi-level marketing is interchangeable with network marketing because network marketing and multi-level marketing are synonymous. Network marketing is the type of distribution system and multi-level marketing describes the type of compensation plan.


    Multi-level marketing and network marketing are also know as referral marketing, word of mouth marketing and relationship marketing. Imagine that! I will be using all these interchangeable terms through out this post to bring that point home.


    Network Marketing And Million Dollar Incomes?


    Network marketing professionals have a tremendous amount stories from average and ordinary people just like you and I earning outrageous amounts of money from their network marketing company. I’m talking millions of dollars a year with the time to enjoy it. Some network marketing professionals have even crossed the million dollar a  month mark and that doesn’t happen without the right network marketing leads.


    The Right Multi-level Marketing Leads And You’ll Succeed!


    Network Marketing Leads!

    Network Marketing Leads!


    Absolutely! With the right type of multi-level marketing leads a six figure income and more is achievable. I’m sure you’re thinking, if that’s true than why isn’t everyone gathering leads and building a successful network marketing company and earning the big bucks?


    The simple answer is that everyone doesn’t gather the right kind of multi-level marketing leads to create the life style they’d like. The marketers that do gather the right type don’t know exactly what to do with them.


    With a good amount of the right network marketing leads and the correct knowledge and skills to effectively use the leads. one hundred percent of the people who choose to live the dream can.


    The problem is that most network marketers don’t know how to create the right type of network marketing leads or what to do with them.


    Quality Network Marketing Company Leads?


    If you were to go and ask network marketers if they’d like to have more network marketing leads for their network marketing company and the knowledge to use the leads correctly then serious network marketers would say yes! That doesn’t mean that they believe they know how to get quality network marketing leads or that they’re willing to do something about it.


    Thousands of people just like you and I have already achieved more with the online network marketing profession because they have the right leads. Next, I’ll explain the different types of network marketing leads so that you don’t get taken advantage of.


    The Good,The Bad And The Ugly MLM Leads!


    Network Marketing Company Leads

    Network Marketing Company Leads


    All network marketing leads are not created equal. There are several types of leads available.


    I’ll explain what they are and grade they Good, Bad or Ugly.


    Here’s my list of the most common types of multi-level marketing leads along with my grade.


    These are not in any particular order:


    1) Family, Extended Family and Friends: These are obviously your warm market leads.  – Good leads.


    2) Co-workers and Social Media Friends like Facebook and Twitter: These are people that you have some type of contact with and that would probable recolonize your name. -  Good leads

    3) LEAD BROKER LEADS – Good, Bad or Ugly!


    The Leads They SELL:


    A.  Co-registration Leads: People who only by chance will be interested in what you have to offer. They signed in a web form to try and win a free I-pad, phone, or other electronic device. -  Bad and Ugly!


    B. Home based business: They cost $3.00 to $5.00 or more dollars and are sold over and over again. – Bad and expensive.


    C. Genealogy List Leads: List of people who were at one time in an MLM company. I’ve found the list outdated and therefore not useful. – Good provided the information is valid.


    D. Live Call Transfer Leads: When a lead broker arranges for a interested party to be transferred directly to you live. – Good and expensive.


    7) LEADS that you Actually Generated Yourself: These are leads that you’ve generated through your own marketing efforts – GOOD – Nothing Is Better!


     Can Network Marketing Lead Creation Get You paid?


    “Let your leads pay for your business and your business pay for your lifestyle.”

    - Jeffrey Kistner, “The Network Marketer With Integrity Plus!”


    Yes and leads that get you paid are better than free ones! The profits are made by front end funded proposals! This is a strategy used network marketing professionals to earn money even when the prospect doesn’t join their network marketing company. Creating lead generation profit funnels may assist you with ongoing advertising costs. Learn how to generate leads that pay you and you’ll be able to advertise more and more. Here’s how to create you own network marketing leads for your network marketing company.


    Create Your Own Multi-level Marketing Leads!


    The best network marketing leads are the ones that you’ve created yourself through free and low cost proposals. A great example is the one I’m offering to the right about becoming “Famous On Facebook” in 60 days guaranteed. It’s a fantastic training!


    I didn’t create the Facebook training. I’m only permitted to use that and other funded proposals to capture all the  leads I want. I have access to many more and several are being created right now by the most successful marketers online today!


    I do this by using and recommending MyLeadSystemPRO.  MLSP is simply the best network marketing platform available to generate your own leads. It’s the leading, cutting-edge lead gather and training platform engineered by the most successful entrepreneurs using network marketing training.


    The lead gathering educational platform provides network marketers with all the necessary tools, resources, websites, and ongoing training required to build a wildly successful and profitable network marketing businesses. What are you waiting for?


    Network Marketers Have A Common Problem!


    The biggest problem network marketers have is getting more leads to look at their network marketing company. Multi-level marketers don’t know exactly where to begin and how to take the right actions.


    What’s next?


    I’d like to show you how to get up to nineteen checks per month, earn upwards of $519.17 per day, and personally sponsor over 100 network marketing professionals  into Your Network Marketing Company in 60 days or less marketing by using the exact training platform that I use. Watch this lead gathering network marketing presentation. It doesn’t cost a dime to check it out! Go! Go! Go!


    Take Massive Action And Your Success Is Certain!


    “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” -Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich


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    To Your Network Marketing  Success!

    Online Network Marketing Expert

    Jeffrey Kistner (321) 205 -7865

    “The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”


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